Enhance Your Ownership Experience with Proper Battery Care


Even the best-engineered automobiles require regular care from their owners, and your car battery is one component of particular importance.

When your vehicle’s battery is dead, no amount of wishful thinking will bring it back to life. Only a charge will get your car moving again. Sometimes batteries expire due to age, but other times they fail because of owner neglect. Here are a few tips from Mike Toler for getting the most out of the battery in your Chrysler Pacifica or Jeep® Cherokee.

One great (and eco-friendly) way to ensure your battery is always well charged is to invest in a solar charger. These attach right to your battery and the sun provides the natural energy the battery needs. You can even buy a monitor to ensure you don’t overcharge the battery. Both of these items are inexpensive and easy to use. 

Of course, if you’re unsure or uneasy about doing anything battery-related, you can always bring your car here and the experienced service techs at our RAM dealership serving Cherry Point, NC will be happy to give it a charge and a general inspection.

Regarding your battery’s case and terminals, both of these components are easy to clean. With the case, you just need a moist paper towel with a low-level water/detergent mix and you can wipe away any dirt, dust, or oil residue. The terminals only require you to remove the clamps that cover them before you clear away any gunk or oxidation. Depending on how dirty the terminals are, you might want to use a water/baking soda solution combined with a stiff brush.

Visit our local Dodge dealership today for any and all your battery and service needs!

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